Sep 16, 2020 – Top San Diego research institutions, led by Salk, to receive an expected $5 million to study cellular aging in humans [click to view]

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Dec 20, 2018 – Age is more than just a number: machine learning may be able to predict if you’re in for a healthy old age [click to view]

Nov 09, 2018 – Salk awarded $19.2 million by the American Heart Association-Allen Initiative to study Alzheimer’s and aging in the brain [click to view]

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May 20, 2014 – Salk’s Glenn Center for Aging Research receives an additional $3 million gift from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research [click to view]

Jul 08, 2013 – Salk researchers identify potential biomarker for cancer diagnosis [click to view]

Feb 03, 2012 – Discovery of extremely long-lived proteins may provide insight into cell aging and neurodegenerative diseases [click to view]

Apr 15, 2011 – Salk Institute promotes latest generation of extraordinary scientists [click to view]

Jun 10, 2010 – Nuclear pores call on different assembly mechanisms at different cell cycle stages [click to view]

Feb 04, 2010 – Nuclear pore complexes harbor new class of gene regulators, offer clues to gene expression and cancer [click to view]

Oct 07, 2009 – Salk Scientist Wins 2009 Aging Research Award from the Ellison Medical Foundation [click to view]

Jan 22, 2009 – The breakdown of barriers in old cells may hold clues to aging process [click to view]

Sep 12, 2007 – Salk scientists solve mystery behind how nuclear membrane forms during mitosis [click to view]

Apr 20, 2006 – Researchers solve mystery of how nuclear pores duplicate before cell division [click to view]